Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wow Its Been A While

Wow its been a while.  The last several months have been so hectic.

I took 4 classes which took up most of my time.  Then with the kids' activities and their school things taking up what little bit of free time I had left.

Warrior finished his sophomore year with straight As yet again.  Sugar Pea finished 6th grade with A and Bs.  Not to mention she finished the year right on track.  This is huge considering just 2 years ago she was struggling so bad.

We had the 3rd annual memorial blood drive in honor of Tin Man.  I was a little disappointed with it.  I was able to get all the appointment slots filled, and only half of them showed up.  Next year I plan on doing one on the same day in Southern California.

That brings me to my biggest news.

We are moving!  To North Carolina.

A lot of factors played into this decision. 
  • My mom is sick (COPD) and I want to be closer to her.  
  • A lot of things going on with Sugar Peas, the biggest one being that she is being bullied because her dad died.  I have spent a lot of time fighting with that this year and have decided I need to get her away from these kids and their parents. 
  • And its much cheaper to live out there.   

Surprisingly the kids are pretty excited about it.  Warrior will have better opportunities out there with school and lacrosse.  Plus he knows everything Sugar Pea has been through this last year.  He's also excited to live near family.  Sugar Pea just wants to get away from here.  But she's also looking forward to being near Grammy and spending more time with her.

The movers come on July 31st, so the next month will be very hectic, but I hope once we make it to NC, I will have a little more time for my blog and all you great people.

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