Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

As you would assume, Father's Day in our house is tremendously hard. Not just the day itself, but the weeks leading up to it. The stores bring out their Father's Day marketing things. Its mentioned on every commercial break on almost every channel.

Then the day arrives and its nothing but Father's Day wishes to all the dad's.

This is the norm for all the normal households.

We aren't normal.

Our Father's Day was spent crying, remembering, and questioning why Tin Man isn't here.

Its spent wishing the clock would move faster. That we could sleep until the following morning.

I have looked up ideas to make the day easier on the kids, but nothing really works. How can it? They want their dad. They want to be able to give their dad a card. Make him breakfast in bed. Spend the day doing whatever with him.

Instead they are constantly reminded that he died and they can't have the Father's Day norm.

I know only people in our situation, the families who lost a father, understand, but I do wish other's would at least try to understand that telling my children "Your dad is always with you, no matter where you are." IT DOES NOT HELP! They are children. They want their dad here with them. They want their dad to watch their lacrosse games. To take her to the Father/Daughter dance. To be the one to man the grill during BBQs.

No matter what I do, no matter what anyone suggests, it won't change the fact that they want nothing more than to have their dad back.

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  1. I'm sorry this is so hard for your family. There was a girl in the second grade class I subbed in last year that lost her mom, and mother's day was really hard on her. When we made Mother's Day gifts, she cried. Her grandmother is now caring for her, so she made the gift for her instead.


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