Monday, November 7, 2011

Bullying Goe On

2 weeks ago we had issues with the bully in Sugar Pea's class.  She tried to feed Sugar Pea a strawberry knowing that she's very allergic to them.  Finding this out pissed me off because this happened twice last year.  So I posted something on Facebook. 

"When picking up the kids from school, I found out that the class bully in Sugar Pea's class tried to give her a strawberry and when Sugar Peas stood up to her and told her to leave her alone, she tried to shove it in her face.  Now the mom is pissed off at me because her daughter got in trouble again because of something she did to Sugar Pea."

That is what was posted.  Now the comments I got on the post were along the lines of calling the police if the school didn't do anything about it, and what kind of parent could be angry at us because of something her child did. 

So not much was done.  The bully got 1 day off school and a Friday detention.  That's it.

Anyway, today I had parent teacher confrences.  The first thing out of the teacher aide's mouth was that she had complaints that I had posted something on Facebook about something that had happened at school.

I told her and the teacher, that yes I posted something and no there were no names mentioned.  Then they made some comment about posting things on Facebook about the kids.  I rarely post about other people's kids on Facebook.  That I posted this time because I was angry because its gotten to this point and still nothing happens.  I told the teacher that I needed to vent before I made a scene at the school.  I then told them that I will admit I didn't handle it the best way, but I'm beyond frustrated because nothing is being done and now I have to fear for my child's safety because of this little monster.

The bully's mom doesn't do anything about it.  Her daughter can't possibly do something like that.  She's even told the teacher and the principal that she's tired of her daughter getting into trouble because of how sensitive me and Sugar Pea are.   I've talked to several parents and they've told me things that the bully has done to their daughters.  So its not just aimed at Sugar Pea this year.  She's branched out to bully as many as she can.

The teacher has done a good job of trying to be on top of it, but he can only do so much.  Especially when the kids aren't telling every time.  I know they've met with the parents a few different times about things. 

I feel things haven't gotten better, and are still getting worse.  In my honest opinion they need to stop giving her chances and make the parents find a new school.  Since its a charter school the school doesn't have to put up with this, and shouldn't.  They need to stand up to the parents and just tell them they need to go.

I don't want to have to find a new school because this one has been awesome as far as education and working with Sugar Pea and her learning disabilities.  I'm afraid that if things don't start getting better now, we will have to find a new one next year.


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  2. I think you are both wrong, and here's why.

    First off, I totally agree that the school needs to come down harder on the bully, especially if this has been an ongoing process. Trying to force a strawberry in the mouth of a child who is allergic is assault with a deadly weapon, and I agree that you should file a police report. If parents stand strong, this kid could and should get kicked out of school.

    On the other hand, I don't think you should have posted on Facebook. This is a public medium and the child mentioned is a minor, so you are also in the wrong. I certainly understand your anger; I'd be ticked too, but I don't think you handled it well with the posting. Good for you for conferencing with the teacher! Now go conference with the police department. Good luck!


    I'll be your newest follower if you'll have me. ;)


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