Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We Had Plans

We had so many plans together. So many new things we wanted to do. Old things that we haven't been able to do the last few years. So many friends and family we wanted to travel to see.

I look back at the list that I had started on things we wanted to do and my heart breaks all over again.
Some of the things on the list the kids and I will still do, and find a way to incorporate you're story into it.
Other things hurt to much to think about.

One thing that wasn't in our plans the that kids and I have talked about is doing something to keep your story alive. Something to help not only us begin the healing process, but something that will help others. You've touched so many lives, and have become a hero to so many people that we can't just let your story end.
We've thrown around a few ideas, but we're still adding ideas to the list.

One thing I know you'd be so proud of is this new Facebook/Organ Donation campaign going on. When I first read about it yesterday I could hear you talking about it. About how great it was and how it will help many people in the future.
I hear you all the time. Your comments on different things. Your smart ass attitude. I miss those more and more every day.

We had plans. We were supposed to grow old together. I don't care that you had a heart defect. You beat all the odds from the day you were born. We had plans that you would beat every odd that was thrown at you. You're supposed to be here with me. You're supposed to be involved in all the graduation plans. We're supposed to be living in an apartment near the hospital. You're supposed to be getting better.
We had plans, and you dying wasn't one of them!
I miss you so much, and this hole in my chest keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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