Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Kids Are Amazing!

This last year has been a living nightmare.  What went from being an amazing thing and the start of a new, better, live, turning into a nightmare in an instant.

Its been 11 months since Tin Man's transplant.  And its been almost 10 months since he's been gone.  I look back at everything and can't believe its already been 10 months.  But at the same time if feels like, its only been 10 months?  I feel 10 years older, at least.

My kids have been what's kept me going.  I honestly don't know where I would be without them.

Watching them go through the ups and downs during all of this has shown me just how amazing they really are.  I have always thought they were awesome kids, I mean, I am their mom.  But their strength through all of this has left me speechless many times. 

As most of you know, they started a Facebook campaign wanting to get 1 million likes for awareness for organ donation and congenital heart defects.

They reached over 1 million likes in just a week.  During all of this they decided they wanted to do more and 2 Kids For Organ Donation was created. 

They have been invited to come speak at the local high schools, but also at a few high schools in LA/Long Beach area too.

Last night they amazed me even more.  We were all laying on my bed watching a movie and Warrior asked if he could run a couple of ideas by me.  One of the things he asked is how they could make 2KFOD into a non profit.  Then he asked how they could raise money and start a college scholarship for kids who lost a parent either waiting for a transplant or after transplant.

I sat there looking at him and cried.  I can't believe how amazing and mature my kids have been through all of this.  They have every right to scream and cry and be angry about all of this, but instead they are using everything they have been through to find ways to help others.

I have the most amazing kids!

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