Sunday, May 5, 2013

High School Presentation

Last week Warrior gave his first high school presentation about organ donation.

We took a training class in January 2012 to learn how to give presentations to high school students.  Then Tin Man started getting sicker and it was something we put off.  Then it was something that was going to be something Tin Man and Warrior could do together.

Then Tin Man passed away and it wasn't something any of us were ready for.  The kids loved telling people about Tin Man and everything he went for, but they weren't ready to answer the questions that come with the presentation.

Even now, a year later, Warrior was extremely nervous.  He was afraid he wouldn't have the answers, and he was scared he'd start crying and embarrass himself.  You know the big macho act most teenage boys put on.

I think it surprised him seeing some of these high school boys, some his friends, some big football jocks, tearing up.  I think he also realized that crying because his dad died is much different than crying because he got hit by a ball.

We could tell, and the teacher told us that he has sat through several presentations on organ donation, but he had never seen anyone impact the kids like Warrior did.

Here is someone their age, that has been through hell and back, and still fighting for what he believes in.

The teacher told us a few days later that the kids from that class were still talking about it and how if anything were to happen to them they wanted their families to donate their organs.

Warrior is definitely ready for more chances to speak to high school students.

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